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About the Company

  Recent founded company by a team of experienced software engineers, we combine friendship, team spirit and passion for technology with the desire of making things different. You won't find here long and tedious processes. You won't find resistence for change or blockers on the way. Yet you'll find respect, honesty, a friendy environment and a team that's eager in having you involved in the most extraordinary jurney to building powerful and valuable software.

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Our Visionary Founder

  Liviu Daniel Mara - whose personal commitment and entrepreneurial spirit enabled him to begin a second career as founder and driving force behind the Intellixoft company.

Telephone: +40 766 872 183

Liviu Daniel Mara

Founder and Managing Director

Why us

High Quality - Products and Services

  Intellixoft provides high quality software solutions. Today, high-quality ‎is considered the main problem clients are facing with software providers. Intellixoft is committed to ‎help in solving this major problem. ‎
  Intellixoft is dedicated to the assessment, consultation, design, and implementation services in all ‎areas of software solutions.

Quick Delivery - Respect deadlines

  We understand and respect the needs of your business and for this reason respect to deadlines is stated among our primary policies. Once the deadline is negotiated, we do everything possible to fulfill it without any infringement of quality.

We are: passionate, dedicated, experienced.

  The best way to achieve the very best results is to be passioned for the work you are doing. Within an environment that encourages creativity, initiatives and innovation, our team invests heart and energy in every single project, treasuring responsibility and a job well done.

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